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Johnson Eye Foundation

Johnson Eye Foundation

Johnson Eye Foundation


The Johnson Eye Foundation was established by Dr. Donald Johnson, founder of London Eye Centre in New Westminster, B.C., Canada. Dr. Johnson dedicated his professional life to advances in ophthalmic surgery, in particular, the development of laser vision correction. Dr. Johnson is considered to be the first surgeon in North America to dedicate his entire practice solely to refractive surgery. Dr. Johnson is recognized by eye care professionals around the world as a pioneer and one of the true grandfathers of laser vision correction. In his 30+ years as an investigator and innovator, Dr. Johnson was at the forefront of many advances in ophthalmology, particularly in laser vision correction, including development of the renowned 'No Touch' procedure. Dr. Johnson was a popular lecturer throughout the world and hosted his own annual international refractive surgery conference in Whistler, BC (Pacific Coast Refractive Symposium). He trained many American laser eye surgeons through the VISX Horizons program and worked closely with the manufacturers in developing improvements in technology. Having passed away in an automobile accident in 2002, Dr. Johnson was truly a pioneer and legend in his field.


The Johnson Eye Foundation has been maintained in Dr. Johnson's honour and carries on his passion for research and education in ophthalmology and providing advanced technological procedures to those in less fortunate areas of the world who are not privileged with access to advanced North American procedures. This non-profit foundation supports research studies, training and several special vision restoration projects around the world.


The Johnson Eye Foundation's most recent projects have included:

Seva Canada

2012 Paediatric Surgical Outreach in Burundi, Africa - The Johnson Eye Foundation, in partnership with Seva Canada, supported a two week Paediatric Eye Outreach program in Burundi, Africa. The Outreach helps children with treatable blindness restore their sight, and to provide extensive paediatric eye care to those that need it most.  Our Foundation is proud to support a program that serves as an excellent capacity building opportunity for Burundian ophthalmologists, anaesthetists, nurses, and others to gain first-hand experience in eye care needs of children for generations to come.

2008 and 2009 Pediatric Surgery Outreach Program in Mwanza, Tanzania - The Johnson Eye Foundation funded Seva, who, along with its partner in Africa, the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology (KCCO) located and performed cataract surgery. In certain regions of East Africa, many children are born with or develop blindness due to cataracts.

Recent Correspondence: August 6th, 2009. Dear Johnson Eye Foundation; On behalf of Seva Canada and the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology, please accept our deep appreciation for your ongoing support. We will send you a full report once the 2009 Mwanza camp has been conducted, Yours very truly, Penny, SEVA Canada

Medical Aid For Vietnam – EMAS Canada 2008

EMAS is a registered charitable non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Canada and Hong Kong that partners with organizations overseas in healthcare initiatives. Johnson Eye Foundation supported a mission to Vietnam to perform cataract surgeries, provide implants and fund medical and post-care expenses.

Recent Correspondence: August 27, 2008. Dear Johnson Eye Foundation: Thanks first for the generous donation from the foundation for cataract surgeries in Vietnam. The money will go to very poor people blind from cataracts, all the monies will be paid out by the nuns in Hue or Danang, so we know they'll only let the money be used for the very poor. Sincerely, EMAS Canada

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