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All-Laser Flap Procedure

IntraLase SBK

All-Laser Flap Procedure

London Eye Centre offers patients two vision correction options. IntraLase SBK is an all-laser procedure eliminating the blade and cutting from the LASIK process. It offers comparable safety to the ‘No Touch’ PRK procedure as well as the shorter recovery associated with LASIK eye surgery. Clinical studies involving one million cases have proven IntraLase SBK to be safer and more effective compared to the conventional LASIK process.

The IntraLase femtosecond laser uses an infrared beam of light to precisely separate tissue by using focused laser pulses which divide material at the molecular level. This process allows the surgeon to produce an ultra-thin flap of corneal tissue, without the use of a blade (as in conventional LASIK). This flap is gently lifted to expose the underlying tissue followed by the surgeon reshaping the cornea with a second laser. It is a painless procedure that normally takes less than five minutes per eye. Patients who undergo the IntraLase procedure experience little to no discomfort following their surgery and normally see very well within 24 to 48 hours.

Combining the advantages of PRK and Lasik

In the past, many people chose the LASIK eye surgery method because of its relatively short recovery and sometimes lower costs. Despite its popularity, there are potential concerns associated with conventional LASIK. Most of the LASIK safety issues are related to the cutting of the flap with the microkeratome blade.

Photorefractive Kerotectamy is a surface procedure which removes the epithelium skin cells rather than cutting a flap. The ‘No Touch’ PRK method is considered to be the most advanced version of surface treatment. Although recovery time is longer due to its less invasive nature, The ‘No Touch’ PRK is popular with patients who take a conservative, safety-first approach. The ‘No Touch’ PRK procedure can also treat many patients with high corrections who are not eligible for LASIK.

IntraLase SBK
IntraLase SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis) is a hybrid procedure offering the safety of PRK and the quicker recovery of LASIK. IntraLase SBK employs an infrared beam to make an ultra-thin, tailor-made flap superior in structure to a conventional LASIK flap. The computer-controlled laser creates and replaces the thinner flap with greater accuracy and precision. The IntraLase method gives your surgeon the ability to tailor the dimensions of the individualized corneal flap based on what is best for your eye.

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