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Truly Personalized Vision Correction

WaveScan / CustomVue

Truly Personalized Vision Correction


London Eye Centre uses the WaveScan Wavefront Diagnostic System to map  all patients’ eyes at their initial consultation. The WaveScan system provides a new level of diagnostic information previously unavailable; it reveals the way your entire optical system processes light. It measures refractive error accurately to .01 of a diopter.  Traditional eye exam equipment can only measure in .25 intervals. The Wavescan offer 25X  more precision. It provides Acuity Maps® that chart the optical aberrations of the eye, difference maps that track the changes of the eye for pre-op and post-op comparison, and many more data that allow the surgeons to determine the appropriate treatment for patients. London Eye Centre has been using Wavefront technology for planning their patients’ procedures since 2001.

CustomVue Treatment

With the information attained from the thorough mapping of the cornea, the WaveScans’ intuitive software can also translates the data to create a custom correction map for each individual patient.  This data can then be transferred to the laser for an individualized  procedure that corrects far more than simply the prescription in your glasses or contact lenses.

For more indepth information on Custom Wavefront Guided Laser Procedures, call and ask to speak to the London Eye Centre Education Department, or schedule to attend an upcoming information session.

Are you ready to start living free of glasses and contacts?