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Hadden Family Vision

Hadden Family Vision

London Eye Centre may be the only facility in B.C. well into their second generation of patients.  Having corrected  vision since 1985, we are now seeing  young patients whose parents did their procedure 20 years ago and now its’ their turn to enjoy the many benefits that laser vision correction can offer.  The 12 members of the Hadden Family you see here have all been treated by London Eye Centre.  This is just one of many families who have put their trust exclusively in London Eye Centre for their entire families vision improvement for over 25 years.

Rob Murphy

CFL All Star

Rob Murphy

“As an offensive lineman, vision is critical for my job. No Touch was the best option considering my high correction and the impact involved in my football life. Today my vision is excellent.”

Karen K

Media Personality

“Thanks to London Eye Centre I can finally see! For years, I’ve had lousy eyesight so I finally went ahead with laser vision correction. After tons of research, London Eye Centre was the obvious choice. 26 year track record, a great reputation and the latest laser only procedures - with no cutting. I chose All-Laser LASIK; which meant I was back to my normal routine the next day. If you’ve been putting off your procedure, let me tell you what a life changer it is!”

Zack Spencer

Co-host of Driving Television

“After wearing glasses or contacts since 1988, I decided it was time to undergo laser eye corrective surgery. The decision to go with London Eye Centre was an easy one. The most important factor for me was experience and London Eye Centre offers the most with over 20 years in business, plus they have been pioneers in corrective surgery. The second reason, and almost as important is the 'No Touch' procedure that uses a cool beam of laser light to correct vision, nothing else touches the eye. I must say I am amazed that a laser can correct vision with nothing touching the eye, the technology is mind boggling, but it works and I couldn't be happier.”

Terrence Chan

Professional MMA Athlete

“A bunch of people have asked in my blog why I chose No Touch PRK rather than LASIK. I think the first and most important reason that I did so was that had this crazy idea of fighting competitively. And PRK is much better for contact sports. With No Touch PRK from London Eye Centre, I will be able to take punches in the face again in sparring without worry that my eye could be seriously injured. Even pro-LASIK websites state that people participating in boxing, kickboxing or MMA should not get regular LASIK.”

Jon McComb

Host of The World Today on CKNW

“As a broadcast journalist, research is critical. When it came to choosing a laser vision correction facility, it was no different. Experience, safety, technology, surgeons, reputation; I checked into all of it. My research led me to choose London Eye Centre.”

That was over 10 years ago. Since then, Jon has referred many family and friends to London Eye Centre based on his own life-changing experience.

Angus Reid

CFL All Star

“Despite being a ‘big strong football player’, the thought of doing this procedure terrified me. But the service, the procedure itself, and the follow-up care was so seamless and comfortable that I couldn’t recommend London Eye Centre highly enough.”

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