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In 1985, London Eye Centre was one of the first private clinics in North America dedicated to vision correction. Our surgical team has been involved in development of many of the advancements in laser vision correction. Most importantly, London Eye Centre has helped improve the quality of life for patients who’ve come to us from around the world; over the past thirty-five years, we have performed 100,000 successful procedures. Here are a couple of our patients’ own success stories.

“I started wearing glasses when I was in Grade 6. I grew up and became a professional musician, and of course, had to wear my glasses onstage. When I perspired, my glasses would slip down my nose and actually change my singing voice. Then, in 1992, I heard about London Eye Centre and looked into this new procedure that was changing lives. I discovered that an international ophthalmic surgeon had just chosen London Eye Centre for his own laser vision correction procedure. That was enough to convince me, right then and there. I am incredibly grateful that I made that decision to trust my eyes to London Eye Centre. They really did an amazing job; and I’m constantly recommending them. My far-sighted vision is better than 20/20, and way better than most people my age. I can look out at my back lawn and literally see every blade of grass. I just think to myself….”wow”. I am so lucky and so grateful I made that decision 23 years ago.”

Randee H

“I’ve been a soccer player at all levels, for years; playing with Canada’s national team, playing on Canada’s Olympic Women’s team in 2008, and playing with the Vancouver Whitecaps. I felt I was always taking chances, playing soccer while wearing contact lenses. It required having spare lenses and solution on the sidelines, and I often thought how great it would be to have perfect vision without the hassle of contacts that could become dislodged or lost during a game. Early on, I tried playing without contacts and I couldn’t even make out numbers on players’ jerseys. I knew for a long time that I wanted to have my vision corrected at London Eye Centre. When a window of time finally opened, I had my procedure done. Why London Eye Centre? Primarily because of countless positive recommendations from friends and fellow players I spoke with. Plus, the idea of a no-touch procedure was very appealing, as well as the unlikelihood of any problems with night vision. Now, I can see street signs from what seems like a kilometer away; I’m active in slow pitch, volleyball, golf, tennis and snowboarding, and I love having perfect vision even when I’m just getting outside and kicking a ball around with my son.”

Trevoe C

“Ever since I was a young man, I wanted to be a firefighter. But the job required 20/20 vision, without contacts or eyeglasses. At the time, I wore contacts; not only did that exclude me from pursuing my dream, they were also expensive, and a hassle. Having my vision corrected at London Eye Centre was a relatively simple, cost-effective solution to both my career and personal goals. I chose London Eye Centre because they pioneered laser vision correction in North America, and had a track record of successes. There was a “buzz” about London Eye Centre, and the work they were doing in this field. Having perfect vision enabled me to embark on a career…my dream job as a firefighter in Vancouver…that would otherwise be closed to me. Twenty-four years later, I am now a Lieutenant in the Fire Department. Every time I’m working…or when I’m doing something I enjoy like scuba diving…I’m grateful for the detail and clarity of my vision. Everything is crystal clear and I can see so much detail, far more than when I was wearing contacts.”

louise B

“My vision used to require 13 diopters of correction! I could only wear the gas permeable contacts for a very limited time because they hurt my yes. Glasses were no better, as they distorted my vision. This was back the early days of the internet, so I went online and I searched the world over for someone who could correct my eyesight. I was often told that my poor vision was untreatable, but I kept hoping for a miracle. I discovered people everywhere were talking about London Eye Centre in British Columbia, Canada, saying that London Eye Centre was performing the kind of “miracles” I was looking for. At the time, laser vision correction wasn’t available in the USA, so I booked an appointment and made the trek by plane and by bus from a small town in Oklahoma, to London Eye Centre in New Westminster, BC. And I became one of those miracles! My eye doctor back home couldn’t believe the results. And me? I’m so grateful to be able to see well at night, to take100 mile endurance rides on my horse, and go scuba diving with no contact lenses. Before I had my vision corrected at London Eye Centre, I couldn’t get up at night to check on my children because all I could see was one big blur of colour. Now, I’m more active than ever, and I truly enjoy my life without the need for glasses or contacts.”

Shareef M

“Twenty years ago, I was in California, working for VISX the manufacturer of the Excimer laser which was just starting to be used for vision correction. Nobody in the USA was performing the procedure as it wasn’t yet FDA approved. We started to hear of “pilgrimages” that people were taking to London Eye Centre in Canada, to have their vision corrected using our laser. I quickly familiarized myself with Dr. Donald Johnson, a very early adaptor of this new technology, who was using it with great success on patients arriving from all around the world. He truly was innovating and perfecting a procedure that’s commonplace today. I wore glasses at the time and thought, “If I’m going to be promoting the use of the laser technology, I’d better get the procedure done myself.” So, out of all the places I researched who were performing laser vision correction, I chose London Eye Centre. Recently, my son was looking at old photos and said to me, “You used to wear glasses?” Now, I feel as if I’ve always had perfect vision. I’ve never looked back. Every day, I’m grateful that I trusted my vision to London Eye Centre.”

Carrie E

“I never liked wearing glasses, ever. One day I scratched my eye, which became swollen, and I couldn’t wear my contacts. That was a major hassle. Then I happened to talk with someone who’d had their vision corrected at London Eye Centre, and they were so happy. I’d investigated other procedures, but didn’t like the idea of my eyes being touched. The tipping point for me came from the realization that so many people I talked to were so satisfied with London Eye Centre….that was enough to finally convince me. My new vision has changed and improved my life in so many ways. I fly extensively for business, so there are no “dry eyes” that you contact wearers can relate to. I snowboard a lot, and have no worries about my contacts not functioning properly in the cold. In fact, I remember the first time I went snowboarding after my procedure; I was at the top of the mountain, and left breathless by the incredible, pristine view I had….there was detail and clarity in my vision I’d never experienced before. And when I’m driving at night, there’s no halo around streetlights and headlights! I really appreciate the beauty in the world around me now, thanks to London Eye Centre. Life is filled with so many “a-ha!” moments, when I can see what I’ve been missing, and I am so, so grateful.”

Dr. Shiv S

“I wore glasses and contacts from when I was 12 years old. I always felt that my contact lenses were limiting my activities. I am an Optometrist and once, when I developed a viral infection and couldn’t wear my contacts, I came to realize just how severely they were limiting me, as I couldn’t work. I’d been referring my own patients exclusively to London Eye Centre for vision correction, out of the eight or so laser vision correction clinics in the Lower Mainland. I would check them after their procedures and was impressed with the quality of work that London Eye Centre was performing. So when I made the decision to have my own vision corrected, naturally, I chose London Eye Centre. Now, I see perfectly and I have the freedom I was missing to go camping, running, biking, working out or swimming without worrying about contact lenses. I even delight in the simple pleasure of waking up and being able to see the world clearly; I haven’t been able to do that since I was 12!”

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