LASIK Consultation

Laser vision correction is a safe and popular alternative to glasses and contact lenses. The first step is a consultation to assess your candidacy. At London Eye Centre, we offer two types of pre-operative consultations – in-person and virtual.

Depending on which type of consultation you opt for, the preparation process is slightly different. Both types of consultations are without obligation and are free of charge.


During your in-person consultation, our staff will use special instruments and computers to capture hundreds of eye measurements that map the topography of your corneas. Your consultation will also include a painless, detailed eye exam and comprehensive discussion about vision correction treatments, your candidacy for surgery and which procedure is best for you. If you wear contact lenses, then please use the chart below to determine the minimum amount of time you must remove them prior to your consultation.

Type of lens worn

Local patient

Out-of-town patient

Soft lenses1 (daily wear or extended, and toric)

At least 12 hours

At least 24 hours

Rigid gas permeables (worn for 20 years or less)

At least one (1) week

At least six (6) weeks

Rigid gas permeables (worn for 21-29 years)

At least one (1) week

At least eight (8) weeks

Rigid gas permeables (worn for 30 years or more)

At least one (1) week

At least 12 weeks

Hard lenses (toric and true/polymethyl methacrylate)

At least one (1) week

At least 12 weeks

  • Please note that your pre-operative consultation will take, on average, an hour to complete.
  • Eye drops will be used in order to perform certain tests, therefore possibly making your eyes sensitive to light. With that in mind, please consider bringing a pair of sunglasses with you to your consultation. Some eye drops may also result in temporary blurred near vision, for a few hours afterwards. Please note that some eye drops are not recommended for administration to pregnant women. If you are pregnant, we ask that you notify us upon arriving for your consultation.
  • We would ask that you not bring children along with you for your consultation.


During your virtual pre-operative consultation, you will meet with one of our counselors via phone or video conference. They will review your vision and eye health, explain the different vision correction procedures we offer, answer any of your questions and determine if you are likely a candidate for one of our procedures. If you are deemed a candidate, we will perform all necessary pre-operative testing on the day of your procedure, when you would also meet with your surgeon.

The doctors at London Eye Centre use all of this information to make a personalized treatment recommendation that balances the risks and rewards of laser vision correction. If we don’t think you’re a good candidate we’ll let you know and explain why.

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1A minimum of 12 hours of soft contact lenses removal is adequate for the majority of patients. On occasion, however, we find that the eyes are red and irritated with some inflammation, during the pre-operative exam. These symptoms are due to wearing contact lenses for long periods of time. The doctor may request to have a second evaluation with contact lenses removed for one week before surgery is booked. The doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory drops before surgery can be performed. This occurrence is not common. However, it is important that patients are aware of this possibility prior to surgery.

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