Price of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Vision Correction pricing can be confusing for the patient. Many facilities create this confusion with misleading advertisements, tiered fees based on prescription strength, add-ons and extras for custom software, follow-up care and retreatments (if needed). If a facility requires you to attend a consultation before they will tell you the real fee, you should consider it a red flag.

At London Eye Centre, we will always provide you a price quote without requiring you to attend a consultation first.  Our fees are simple to understand with no surprises, add-ons or hidden charges. Below is our all inclusive, full service package:


Prescription Ranges

Custom Wavefront    
(if needed)

Post-ops at    

Post-ops for    

Post-Op Kit    

(if needed)

'No Touch' PRK

Same fee for all prescriptions

All-Laser LASIK

Same fee for all prescriptions

Payment and Taxes

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Card, Certified Cheque, Money Order and Cash. The fee is tax exempt. The procedure fees are eligible as a medical expense tax credit in Canada.


Financing options are available. To prequalify for financing with Affirm, click here.

An Investment

The decision to proceed with laser vision correction with London Eye Centre should be looked upon as an investment, not a purchase. The cost of glasses, contact lenses, solutions and the time from your day spent inserting, removing and cleaning them adds up quickly.      

Glasses and contact lenses are expensive these days and most medical plans only cover a portion of that cost at best. Simple math shows that the fee for laser vision correction is recovered in a few short years for most patients. This applies to patients of all ages. Young patients enjoy more years without corrective lenses while patients over 40 will recoup the fee faster due to the high price of progressive or bi-focal glasses which can often be more than double the cost of single vision lenses.      

While the many freedom and lifestyle benefits this exciting technology offers alone justify the fee, you don’t need a calculator to appreciate that laser vision correction with London Eye Centre pays for itself.

Click here for FAQs about laser vision correction fees.

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