Meet Our LASIK Team

Meet our Medical Team

In addition to the team of experienced surgeons, London Eye Centre is renowned for its experienced medical support staff. This staff performs laser consultation exams, follow-up visits, patient counseling and deal closely with the surgeons to provide London Eye Centre patients with the best possible medical care. London Eye Centre's medical team has decades of combined experience in the specialty of refractive surgery.

Michelle Slater, OT

Michelle obtained a diploma in optometry in South Africa in 1990. Moving to Canada, she worked in a number of Vancouver-area clinics including London Eye Centre, where she manages the pre- and post-operative care of laser vision correction patients.

Steven Bryan, C.O.T.

Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel, Steve has worked with laser vision correction patients since 1995. After 6 years of assisting with the actual procedures as a surgical technician, Steve moved to the medical side of London Eye Centre where he has been managing patients pre & post operatively for over 10 years.

Harvey Han, C.O.T

Harvey finished his medical training in 1995 in China where he practiced as an ophthalmologist until moving to Canada in 2012. He worked as an ophthalmic technician in Calgary before coming to London Eye Centre where he conducts pre- and post-operative care exams of laser vision correction patients.

Stephanie Luk, OD

Dr. Stephanie Luk has been a practicing optometrist for 4 years. She graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry after completing her Bachelors of Science at the University of British Columbia. She is currently managing pre- and post-operative patients at our New Westminster office.

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