History of London Eye Centre

First eye clinic in BC to be accredited

In 1985, London Place Eye Centre (as we were then known) opened its doors for the first time. One of the first private medical clinics in British Columbia, London Eye Centre originally offered cataract, refractive and cosmetic surgery to its patients. We were the first eye clinic in BC to be accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons: this is no small recognition. It means that we have been consistently found, through regular audits, to be adhering to a strict set of standards designed to ensure that patients receive the best medical care.

Changes Since 1985

Our clinic has expanded three times, tripled the complement of staff and technicians, introduced many new surgical procedures to British Columbia and aided tens of thousands of people with their vision. Today, London Eye Centre focuses only on laser vision correction. The team of surgeons and technicians are dedicated to helping patients who want the best care for their vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. We have treated patients from all around the world, including all Canadian provinces and territories, 47 different US states and more than 30 countries overseas.

Renowned Surgical Team

London Eye Centre's renowned surgical team, in conjunction with its Research Department, has been dedicated to improving and perfecting its brand of laser vision correction. The predictability, safety and computer control of the excimer laser has already proven its reliability. Worldwide, well over 10 million procedures have been performed and this number is rising continually each day. London Eye Centre surgeons alone perform an average of nearly 350 treatments each month. While advancing the science of laser vision correction, London Eye Centre has been able to speed up healing and visual recovery, minimize discomfort and improve predictability for patients with moderate and extreme corrections. Our 'No Touch' procedure has improved vision correction surgery to a level of safety and appeal that is highly attractive to the more cautious patient.

London Eye Centre Timeline

London Eye Centre has a distinguished history of advancing the science of laser vision correction.

First clinic in British Columbia to correct nearsightedness using Radial Keratotomy (RK); over 6,500 RK procedures performed from 1985 to 1992

First clinic in British Columbia to use a surgical laser to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism with a procedure called Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). Dr. Johnson becomes the first Canadian investigator for the VISX Excimer Laser

First centre in Canada to correct astigmatism using Excimer Laser

First clinic in British Columbia to develop a regional system of patient care, called Reciprocal Patient Care - over 1,400 eyecare professionals in Canada, the United States and many countries worldwide provide quality pre- and post-operative care for the Centre's patients; patients can have treatment at London Eye Centre, return home the next day and have their follow-up care with their doctor, knowing the progress will be closely monitored by the clinic's highly trained staff. First clinic in Canada to correct farsightedness with the Holmium laser

First clinic in Canada to correct farsightedness with the Excimer laser; Adopted 'Open House' philosophy for eyecare professionals (the centre is open to optometrists and ophthalmologists who attend surgery and observe advanced surgical and medical techniques; provincial and state optometric associations have granted education credits for these visits)

London Eye Centre plays host to hundreds in the refractive surgery industry from around the world at the first in a series of annual conferences held each year at Whistler, BC; the Pacific Coast Refractive Symposium featured the pre-eminent names in refractive surgery

The centre now has dedicated education and research personnel providing comprehensive patient and professional education to patients and doctors worldwide London Eye Centre accredited by Better Business Bureau (1996-2011)

First clinic in the world to correct farsighted astigmatism Dr. Johnson receives a US patent and trademark for his invention and use of the 'No Touch' surgical technique

Over 60 eye physicians have chosen London Eye Centre and 'No Touch' for their own treatments

The centre enters new era in Excimer laser technology by acquiring first laser in Western Canada featuring 3D eye tracking

Clinic launches Wavescan technology (fingerprint-like scans able to analyze total optical system) Slated to become first facility in Canada to perform investigative laser procedure for reversal of presbyopia (aging condition causing reading glasses)

Opens satellite facility in Kamloops, BC, for easier access to top technology for all BC residents

London Eye Centre named as investigative site by VISX for multi-focal correction of farsighted patients

London Eye Centre named top laser centre in Vancouver in prestigious Georgia Straight readers poll awards. LEC will go on to win this award three times

London Eye Centre commences program to donate a portion of procedure fees to the Johnson Eye Foundation, a registered charity in honor of clinic founder Dr. Donald Johnson

London Eye Centre has now performed over 75,000 successful laser vision correction procedures, ranking them among the most experienced facilities in the world

London Eye Centre wins Consumer Choice Award as top laser eye centre in Vancouver for the 9th consecutive year

London Eye Centre offers the revolutionary All-Laser LASIK. With All-Laser LASIK, patients enjoy the safety and results of ‘No Touch’ PRK, along with rapid vision recovery and less discomfort all without the cutting/blades associated with LASIK

London Eye Centre opens a new facility in North Vancouver

London Eye Centre, BC’s longest-serving vision correction provider, celebrates their 30th anniversary

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