But I Can’t Afford Laser Vision Correction!

"I can't wear contacts, they just irritate me, but I also hate glasses"
“My prescription sunglasses are expensive, and just last week I lost them in the water!"
"I'm 52 and I spent almost $1,000 on progressive multifocals!"
"My prescription is so high I spend hundreds of dollars on high-index thin lenses and frames"

If you've been wearing glasses and/or contacts for any length of time you've no doubt found yourself in one of these scenarios and think, "how great would it be to not have to deal with these things anymore!"

Thus the popularity of laser vision correction.

While we know how much we spend on glasses or contacts, the amount still seems far lower than the cost for laser vision correction...or is it? The answer in reality may surprise you and it will take us having a bird’s eye (pun intended!) view.

The average contact lens wearer spends on average approximately $200 on lenses and solutions per year. If this practice begins in their 20's and they stay with contacts until their 50's they will spend an average of $6,000.  But the costs don’t end there.

Virtually all contact lens wearers also have a pair of glasses for the times when their eyes are irritated, they run out of lenses, or they’re just feeling lazy. The cost of single vision glasses has a wide range depending on prescription, fashion, and budget, but averaged out the cost every 3 years would be approximately $250. The cost increases exponentially once a person gets into wearing progressive multifocals and prescription sunglasses. So over the same length of time (though a glasses wearer will wear them far past their 50’s) a conservative estimate would have the glasses wearer paying at least $4,000 or more.

So it is very possible that someone who wears both contacts and glasses will spend at least $10,000 over a lifetime. Someone who wears only glasses could spend at least $4000. Even the best extended benefits plans only cover a portion of those expenses.

With laser vision procedures at London Eye Centre coming in at lower than both those costs, significantly so for those wearing contacts and glasses, added to that the inestimable value of living free of the hassles of glasses or contacts, it becomes clear that laser vision correction is far more affordable then imagined.

You could change your story by echoing the one we hear on a daily basis, “the best money I ever spent, period”.

Written by Greg Norlin, Education Department