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Nobody Likes an Asterisk!

Tuesday, February 03 / 2015

We’ve all had that experience - you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for a special someone. You’ve hesitated on buying it because the price is just too high. But then you see online a special deal on the item you want - not last years model (which is SO last year!) but this years model - the perfect one at a too-good-to-be-true price. But then your heart drops... that five-fingered fiend, the asterisk...
*not available in your country  
**additional fees will apply
***item may be completely different than the one advertised
***quantities very limited   


Asterisks are also used to hide things, like the letters of curse words used by someone when quoted in a news report (****). When texting people, asterisk’s are, among other things, most prominently used when you’ve mis-typed something and have to correct it (*shirt). A judgemental star  highlighting your mistake.

Nobody likes an asterisk.

Unfortunately, there are laser vision correction companies who regularly practice this unpopular advertising tactic.   These advertisements are designed to get you in the door, only to weigh you down with asterisks and additional fees, often 3-4x the advertised price.

At London Eye Centre we’re committed to have no asterisks in our all-inclusive pricing. The price you’re quoted will be regardless of prescription strength using only the optimal technology for your case - no extra fees for high correction, custom wavefront software or tissue sparing add-ons. It also, includes your follow-up care, post-operative supplies and a lifetime retreatment warranty with no fine print or loopholes.  
When researching your options to avoid wearing glasses and contacts, be sure to avoid the * at the same time.

Are you ready to start living free of glasses and contacts?